I had been taking low doses of HGH for nearly 4 years. Anti-aging doses 2iu. However, while taking it, my allergies were practically non existent, skin was great, joints great etc etc.

I now have what seems almost like an autoimmune inflammatory disorder.

At first i had... i didn't know what. I just felt like hell and had photosensitivity and insomnia. That turned into migraines. Sort of migraines. I never has pain but had vertigo and dizziness and photosensitivity. When they came on they also brought immediate fatigue and depression. After a few neurologist and multiple visits to urgent care for toradol (NSAID) shots (which clear it btw) I finally got an MRI prescribed and it cam back clear but with some sinus thickening... when to ENT for CT and was diagnosed with a raging sinus infection. Simultaneous to that i had bloodwork down and came back with results pointing to food allergies and also INSANELY high testosterone and doe other imbalances (I'd been taking anti aging doses of test and pregnenolone and progesterone and DHEA. I'm now off everything to try to recalibrate).

My skin is inflamed. I'm on week three of antibiotics and am still having these weird migraines, not as bad as before antibiotics but not gone, I can feel my ears close shut when I eat anything that causes inflammation - which is... anything. Like the fresh roast organic chicken I just had... or yesterday's KALE. The only thing that makes me feel ok is this very strong NSAID toradol which Walgreens told me yesterday they wouldn't refill despite my Dr's refill order. They suggested PREDNISONE. Huh?

The question I guess is, has anyone heard of or experienced any such thing? Does thins sound like it could be my coming off of HGH? How long does it take to normalize? I'm 47. I can't imagine i'm just broken now...