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    First time HGH questions

    Alright guys, I have just finished my PCT from my last test E cycle of 12 weeks. I have access to some Gentropin from Genli Pharmaceuticals. I have talked with many people and read tons. I am going to use this to help recover some tendonitis and general well being. I plan to run it for 4-6 months. I also plan to run T4 along with it. I plan on running 2iu a day and 100mcg of t4. Now I have seen many debates over IM
    Injections vs Subq. What are your guys opinions. Also timing I have been told to take it on a empty stomach, mainly on the morning. My problem is with my schedule I wake up at 5am eat right away at train from 6-8 then have post workout meal and head to work. What wouldbe the best time to take my HGH? Thanks for any advice or help, I am open to any advice. I know most of you have tons more knowledge than I do.

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    I would run GH in morning 2iu take 5 ius of hu,olog 30 minutes after, pack up my intraworkout shake go train (to keep it pretty lean i would go with no more then 30-40gm of carbs for the intra) then feed right after training while humolog is hitting its peak. T4 has extremely long half life of around 4 day there for timing is irrelevant.

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