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    HGH, GHRH, GHRP, and IGF-1: implications for athletic performance enhancement

    Though this forum (and most like it) are much more focused on bodybuilding than sports, I'd like to gather some thoughts on this.

    Here's an interesting paper that demonstrated a significant performance-enhancing effect for HGH usage, along with evidence of a synergistic relationship with exogenous testosterone use:

    (I can't post links yet: Google "The Effects of Growth Hormone on Body Composition and Physical Performance in Recreational Athletes")

    GH usage at 2mg/day increased anaerobic work capacity, which the researchers speculate could translate to a monster 0.4 improvement in a 100 meter sprint. When co-administered with 250mg/week of testosterone, this improvement in work capacity nearly doubled.

    This has major implications for athletes who need sprint speed in their respective sports. My question is this: Most of us can't get real GH but can easily obtain peptides - does this dosage of GH translate in any comprehensible way to some dosage of a GHRH/GHRP or IGF-1? Could one realistically see the sort of improvements obtained in the study without the authentic GH?

    I note the rather modest mean improvement in total testosterone with the 250mg/week cycle.

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    Yes it should. It may work even better because of the way the peptides mimic your natural GH secretion pattern.

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