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Thread: hgh review

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    hgh review

    i wanna start off by saying i am new to this site so please excuse any mistakes in my post. i ordered some hgh (don't wanna say brand in thread pm if you want to know). I've been running for about 3 weeks. every time after i pin a few hours later I'm developing red hard and itchy lumps about the size of a quarter. the seller re assured me its 191aa and not 192aa. he also said to bump up the bac to dilute it more and pin intra. i told him no i don't wanna pin intra and i think its a bad batch. he responded that out of the 2000 kits they've sold only 5 reported red bumps. well lucky me. I've done research on this company and they have very good reviews but I'm not getting the sides of hgh you would normally get like the rem sleep and numbness in the hands. all I'm getting is red itchy lumps and some tightness in my muscles after staying in one position to long. its a 24 iu vial so i was mixing it with 120iu of bac so i can pin 6iu a day. i just upped it to 240iu of bac to see if that helps with the red lumps. i also pinned just the bac water to see if that causes any reaction.

    thanks again guys any comments would be helpful

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    What make is your hgh?

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