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    HGH and flu symptoms?

    Anyone here got any flu symptoms on HGH? i have been running HGH for more than a month now and currently doing 2IU a day of Pharma HGH, the last 2-3 days have been weird, like i am getting the flu or begining to get sick but i don't, just have these symptoms like tiredness, litle bit of sore in my throat and so on.

    one other thing is that i am a bit sore in my chest i think, when ever i sneeze i get a sting in my chest and sometimes but otherwise i dont feel anything?

    does it wear off if this is caused by the HGH or should i stop while getting better and get back on it?

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    No you shouldn't be getting flu type symptoms on hgh,
    2ius isn't worth shutting down your system for at your age and personally its really bad news using hgh at 22 yrs old,
    I don't think you are using pharm grade from your other thread, what make is it, post a picture

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