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    Palumbo Protocol for LR3?

    I got my hands on from "pharm grade" IGF 1 LR3, produced by Sciroxx from their own facilities in Israel. Obviously it is not technically pharm grade by any legal standard, but the production of the product basically equivalent. A lot of boards out there has been raving about their Somastim GH and even their LR3, which I have now in my possession.

    I have become a big believer in "less is more" and have been running gear at very low dosages ever since I stopped being a "more is better" moron without getting my nutrition down right.

    My current cycle is 200 mg CYP (which is really my TRT that I've been on all year round), and I've been running a lose dose of Tren E 200mg for the last 10 weeks. I started var 30 days ago at 40mg. Yesterday I upped the Tren E to 400mg so to finish off this other bottle in 5 weeks; as it was my intention to run it for 20 weeks but decided not to.

    I have 1mg of Somaden IGF 1 LR3... I have taken IGF 1 a long, long time ago and used it with AA, but who knows the quality...I have read about Dave Palumbo's protocol where you use BA and freeze the IGF 1 in syringes in small dosages of 10-20mcg per day. You do this for 4 weeks only then cycle off. 1 mg should last you about 3 months in this way. I plan to do this starting next week.

    Has anyone done this LR3 protocol before and experienced anything? Also, I'm debating whether it is necessary to pin IM or SubQ, being that LR3 lasts longer, I feel it is unnecessary to do IM.

    Palumbo Protocol for LR3?-20170517_182906.jpg

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    no one?

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    It's useless and just a GDA

    Also don't ever trust what you hear read or get told on those boards.

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    I'v read that too... so if anything, this LR3 just helps shuttle glycogen into the muscle, if that is what that means?

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    I'd always suggest trying low dose before jumping things up. I tried the low dose IGF1LR3 regimen and it didn't work well for me. I didn't see results until
    I hit 80-100mcg.

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