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    peptides and test for kidney transplant bodybuilder

    hello brothers.
    i am about to get kidney transplant because ive been diagnosed with glomerular sclerosis due to high blood pressure . ive been on therapy for it past 2 years but found out it was completly wrong for me so i am on dialysis 3x week for 4hrs.
    i know its not best place to ask but do you think i could use some of the peptides like ghrp2,cjc, igf1 des or even small dose of test after some time after my surgery? any feedback is welcomed,any opinon matters because atm i am living my worst nightmare. besidies beeing in this hell of dialysis, ive lost 22kgs since march this year and i cant even look myself in mirror...

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    I would really talk to your nephrologist about that . Test could raise blood pressure which is stressful to kidneys as you're aware . Additionally , I have no clue if those substances are processed by the kidneys which could also add additional strain . . . or even interact with the anti rejection medications you might be taking . All really a conversation for the nephrologist and a double check with the pharmacist to be extra safe .

    Good luck and god bless.

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    HGH IGF I would look into...not from peptide company but from pharmacy. Ask the doctor..if you are in North America he will say no.

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