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    First Time Pharma Grade HGH

    Im new to this forum and to HGH. looking for some guidance from the experts.

    Age : 38
    6 Feet
    Body fat : 38% - ya i know
    100KG / 220 Pounds

    may aim is to loose body fat, build some muscles (normal not bulky) and general fitness.

    i have been going to the gym for the past few years on & off but never achieved my desired goals.
    i can find Norditropin Nordilet in reasonable cost here so after extensive research on this forum and others i started using the Nordilets a week ago.

    initially i started with 5 clicks (1.5 IU) 1st thing in the morning at around 6AM and 1.5 IU same time in the evening. now im on 10 clicks (2 IU) 6AM and 2IU 6PM.

    my routine
    6AM 2 IU
    6.20 Cup of black coffee
    7.00 Gym with medium to hard workout - not much cardio nowadays
    8.20 breakfast 4 boiled eggs and a cup of coffee

    normal kinda lunch (not many healthy options)

    6.00 PM 2 IU
    8:30 Dinner (again try to go for healthy options but not always)

    during my second week i did notice increase in my strength but no fat loss yet. i actually went to 102 from 100Kg

    1. i would like to add ISO100 (Dymatized) protein in my routine. what would be an appropriate time for a few scoops ?
    2. im not noticing any improvements yet so shall i increase the dosage ?
    3. any other suggestion?!


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    I don't know why you're running HGH with that amount of body fat unless you're a power lifter.
    There are other compounds like EQ or Winny that would be much less harmful to your body and would get you the desired results much faster. Not to say that those are cheaper as well.
    Hell, with this body fat you should be running Clenbuterol and do plenty of cardio and dial in your diet before even thinking about an external compound.
    Sorry but you're peeing in the wind here.

    1. Of course you need a good protein. Do your macros.
    2. No, see above
    3. Stop the HGH now and start eating right and do proper cardio.

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    Will need to plan a real diet; this one is arbitrary and frequency needs to be 2-3 hours while awake. HGH will cause insulin resistance (which you may already have) so even more important to have proper diet. Protein powder is a waste of money especially with such a poor diet. We have diet section here that would be a good place to ask questions and get help. Yes people would rather talk about drugs than food, but food is more important and even more so when one's goal is to reduce bodyfat.

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