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Thread: HGH dose and insulin sensitivity

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    HGH dose and insulin sensitivity

    After a fairly large bill at an HGH specialist office here in Hong Kong I would like to share some information.

    HGH displays two phases of insulin sensitivity (insulin effect blocking)

    As we know they say insulin 30 minutes after HGH which is injected at the start of a workout. This takes care the first phase of insulin sensitivity. During absorption and hormone release by the liver there is a 30-120 minute window of blockage from the immediate hormone spike. We know that HGH spikes are short so there is no resistance to HGH developed by the body. Easily handled.

    There is a second insulin sensitivity that occurs due to diet and diabetic factors. This is a natural body response to fasting or low calorie management. So you are a normal human eating 3-5 meals a day. Your HGH secretions are minimal with the night secretion being the only constant factor. So naturally the many meals a day diet the bodybuilder serves to minimize the level of IGF-1 through less HGH pulses. This changes on a cutting program. This is due to the body's natural response to using stored energy for fuel. The less food the more HGH pulses. We are talking 4 times more. HGH pulse => glucose release due to fat (many steps but this is the gist of it). So this second path to sensitivity only goes away when bodyfat reaches a certain level. In a trial he showed me it took 6-months to normalize via fat loss and muscle production on normal people.

    If you are a fatty be careful on your blood sugar when dosing HGH. Even doses as low as 2iu can come with hard side effects. There is a lot of information out there on this to read.
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    So what recomendations and conclusions do we draw from this exactly? What methods help to reduce the risk of diabetes and make the most out of it?
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