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    Growth hormone post surgery: suggestion/input needed

    Hi All,

    24 male - 11% bodyfat here 6í2 190, currently gym 7 days a week (limited to core, glutes, arms sometimes, all very basic exercises due to limitation from injuryÖ I herniated four disks earlier this year.

    wanted to reach out to ask a question regarding a cycle I want to try after I get a bilateral disectomy on l4-l5.

    Iíve read so many posts (and limited studies) on GH decreasing the amount of recovery time greatly.

    After my disectomy, I am thinking of running a 3-4 IU per day of Ansonome for one to two months. I would run this with an AI. My planned cycle would by as short as possible. My goal is not to lose bodyfat or get stronger, but to aid with healing. I would not continue to take this afterwards.

    Even though many say running this for under x months is useless, Iíve found many who have used for 1 or 2 months for injury recovery. I would have AIís, PCT, and test e on hand (aware of the delay between the two).

    What are your thoughts on a (starting lower to prevent arth/numbness/tingles) 4 week/4iu eod 5d/2o cycle? Remember, the goal is to heal faster, I would still treat the injury as if I hadnít taken the GH in terms of physical therapy/workouts.

    With just GH it seems that aiís arenít needed, especially if you havenít run a cycle of test before (in which case gyno can come back if had previously).

    If used, I would probably get tested after injection to check bloodwork for efficacy.

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    I can only answer for myself which may not help you since i am much older and i can do GH without worry in regards to suppressing my natural production..

    I would do 2 iu x 2 day and 50mg anavar ... issue really is you have permanent damage to your disc, var will help greatly with tendons and ligaments..

    I just completed bilateral disc replacement..

    It's the gift of a lifetime.. so be very careful
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