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    GH/Peptieds for Shoulder after 5x Surgeries


    I am new to this forum and looking for some answers about GH & Peptides for my shoulder injury.

    Quick history

    Initially tore shoulder labrum in 2008. Had surgery to fix and re-tore after stupidly playing basketball too soon into recovery (4 months after surgery)
    2nd surgery - arthroscopic labrum repair. Failed because too much bone grinded away.
    3rd surgery - Open bone graft & labrum repair. Everything was good until re tore labrum in gym 8 months after surgery.
    4th surgery - This is where things really went down hill. Arthoscopic labrum repair and removal of 1 of 2 screws. Shoulder felt dead and unstable after.
    5th surgery - Open surgery to remove 2nd screw, and capsular shift.

    I am left with a shoulder which at times feels OK, but most of the time i deal with extreme pain and instability. A good analogy i once heard and i can definitaly relate to is: The shoulder joint is like a rubber band. A good shoulder will always snap back into place tightly, but each surgery makes the rubber band weaker and weaker. My shoulder feels like that elastic snap back into place feeling is gone, as sometimes it feels as if its just hanging there. Extremely uncomfortable.

    My last MRI showed that i had some flattening of humeral head, slight posterior glenoid bone loss but not a major concern, "quite a bit" of articular cartilage loss, and beginning stages of arthritis.

    I have spend 14k on stem cell procedures, which I feel have helped a little, but I am still very far from where i want to be. I have had some of New York's top doctors tell me there is absolutely nothing left that can be done and i have to deal with it.

    I work out and try to do my own therapy, which helps a little but not much. I lift extremely light. Sometimes, lifting weights can really set me back and create a downward spiral of discomfort and pain.


    I have read some good stuff on HGH and Peptides, specifically TB500. I feel that all the surgeries have left my ligaments completely shot. Does anyone here feel that hgh/peptides can actually strengthen/regenerate ligaments & tendons? Even if they don't, i think if i got on some juice/gh and got my muscles strong enough they can somewhat make up for what my ligaments lack.

    Also, next question is apparently doctors do not prescribe TB500. Where can i get this stuff? I see it's easy to get online, but can anyone recommend a reputable site?

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated. I really do not have many options here. Please help! Thanks in advance

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    Bragging to someone
    you think by surgery 3 they would of just considered a complete shoulder replacement surgery ??

    I have used AAS as well HGH and healing peptides to help recover from surgeries and injuries . I believe I had success (even though its hard to tell and monitor) simply because my surgeon referred to me as 'wolverine' at one point (because my healing was swift), and because this last surgery I had generally has a full recovery time of 24 months and my recent scans show me to already be at the 70% mark at only 6 months .

    my issue was't ligaments and tendons though , so different boat then you . I had several bones that needed to grow together and form (with material they installed) as well as set with 6 screws.

    I used bpc157, tb500, 4iu of HGH, and 250mg of Nandrolone . instead of just picking one thing, I believe its best to hit things from multiple angles and mechanisms of action. tb500 will help healing where there is an inflammatory response, bpc157 will help bring blood flow to areas that have an inflammatory response (blood flow is key to healing), HGH will help repair cells, various AAS have regenerative abilities and increase IGF1 production.

    personally I'd go with an approach like that rather then just trying one thing . I would also continue the stim cell injections while taking HGH (and possibly IGF1) as I believe you increase the rate and ability of these cells to grow and become the material they need to be .

    peptides are easily attainable 'gray market' online. look into 'research chems' or 'research peptides' and you'll find dozens of sites, then just go online and look into reviews and make a purchasing decision. I have a few places I've used and the results have all been consistent between them all

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    Thanks for your detailed response. I have a doctor putting me on BCP157 and Thymosin Beta 4 to get started. He's charging me 600 a month, but i felt more comfortable going through a doctor with his guidance, and getting legit stuff since I've never injected anything before.

    I have found some sites which are significantly cheaper. is one that seems to have good reviews. Thoughts? Any legit sites you can recommend since you have experience? Im not the best at google, lol.


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