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    HGH from 5kitshgh.

    Hi there,
    Just wondering if anyone can verify 5kitshgh is genuine source or a scam. I know 5kitsbs is apparently not the real deal.
    5kitshgh claim to be able to send from various countries and not from China where they are based.

    They can post from within Australia, except payment is by bitcoin or western union only.


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    Zhao from 5kits is a rumoured internet-dealer and word has it his product is the best generic HGH out there. However, there's loads of fakes around. I'd say do your research on what sites are known scams and fakes, there are loads of them out there posing as him. They'll go through extensive email communication, be very friendly etc etc until you've made your payment and then you're cut off.

    Do your research on the source, find the real Zhao if you want to try his HGH out, The one you mentioned is a known fake mirror.

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