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Thread: first hgh cycle

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    first hgh cycle


    i am intending to run hgh in January and that will be my first experience

    week 1-4 : 2iu daily
    week 4-8 : 3iu daily

    and maybe i will extend the cycle for another 4 weeks on 3iu daily

    is it worth to run hgh for 8 weeks or 12 weeks ?
    what do you think about jintropin or hygetropin are they good ?

    any suggestion

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    HGH is not intended to be 'cycled' . you don't run it for 4 or 8 week runs like you would a steroid cycle . you invest the time and $ and take it for 8-24 months on top of your AAS cycles .

    you will notice zero effect from 8 weeks only of a few iu of gh

    spend the thousands and thousands of dollars needed , run it for 2 years straight, use insulin with it, and then you'll know what HGH can really do to enhance your physique . but an 8 week run here or there is a waste Imo

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    I'm a noob on the forum but I have some experience with HGH so I thought I'd chime in.

    GearHeaded is definitely right but using the slin may not be entirely necesarry. You can get an increase in test and IGF1 from low dose HGH but for results it will take time like GearHeaded said. Get your complete blood profile done, at, so you have a baseline. When I started taking 2iu a day my testosterone and IGF1 jumped about 30%. That's not nearly as much as a testosterone cycle but it will be enough to give you some gains if your disciplined and take the time to develop and eat right. Jintropin is good, its what Ive used for about 2 years.

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