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    HGH questions for woman

    My girlfriend wants to start an HGH cycle for fat loss. She is already taking T3.

    1. What is a good dosage for females ? I read between .5IU to 2UI...

    2. How long does it take to see the effects ?

    3. Is it better to take it before sleep, or split dosage half AM/ half PM

    4. She must travel for work in 1 month in Dominican Republic. Is HGH legal to bring in small quantities ? We're kinda scared, because being stuck in a DR jail for a few IU would suck big time.

    5. Is it ok if she stops for one week ?

    Thank you for you help

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    if your only looking for the fat loss benefits of HGH, then I would just go with HGH-Frag . its cheaper and your not going to have the insulin insensitivy, water retention, and high blood sugar that comes with regular HGH. however you won't get any of the 'anabolic ' properties or cellular repair/anti-aging benefits with Frag

    keep in mind that HGH can increase Ghrelin and thus stimulate your appetite . HGH-Frag does not. some people take HGH to help with fat loss but then they can't control their diet because of the appetite

    1 - for body composition purposes, 2iu . for anti-aging 1iu

    2- 6-8 months there will be visual physical changes . however in a short few weeks you may notice some water retention and of course lethargy

    3- don't take it late at night . you'll interrupt natural GH pulses . take it in the AM , and for fat burning ideally before fasted cardio

    4- unless your getting your HGH prescribed to you by a doctor or anti aging clinic , then I would not travel with it . HGH is illegal to possess without a script . HGH- Frag on the other hand is a research peptide and is legal (ie., gray market)

    5- yes you can stop for a week and then get back on. its not something that requires a build up of blood levels . heck its only in your system for a few hours anyways .

    and btw, HGH-Frag is a modified HGH amino peptide . its been modified in a way so that its only the fat burning properties of HGH that are in the peptide .

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