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    GHRP-6 and Mod GRF 1-29 (aka CJC-1295 NODAC) What to expect?

    I'm looking to take my bulks to the next level but I'm too poor to buy HGH.
    I've read GHRP-6 will blow up my appetite, which is what I'm looking for.
    I'm 6'2" 225 and trying to get up to 250 or so. I'm an ectomorph naturally so weight gain is really my focus with anabolics, getting lean is not much of a problem.
    I've also read MOD GRF 1-29 with the GHRP will dramatically increase GH production.

    Any thoughts, recommendations, or experiences on what to expect with these two peptides, especially as it relates to bulking?

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    Hey Aero-im runnin the same combo now. It does cause a large gh pulse- for a short period of time. Ive been running it about 2.5-3 wks now. It will immediately increase your appetite within minutes after injection, you get hunger pains pretty quick. It has done nothing else for me really. The only short term expectations i had was maybe a little better feeling overall. Only other thing ive gotten from it is body aches so far.

    Im actually considering discontinuing it soon. In order to reap the benefits, you would need to stay on a long term protocol, similar to synthetic gh, so there was time for it to do its thing. But i have had moderate body aches, including lower back pain and painful lower back pumps almost constantly. Gonna finish the vial im on now and if nothin changes im done.

    Figured i would check it out. I dont mind giving it a shot, never know. And some guys that stay on it long term say they have seen benefits after month 3 or 4. But i cant deal with the body aches and lower back pain for 3 months

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