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    Questions about HGH cycle - First cycle

    I've got Phizer 36iu Genotropin pens. I'm planning on dosing 4IU's per day for 2+years. Supply and money isn't an issue. I've done a bit of research and as far as I know I can safely dose that without taking anything along side of it. I'm here to provide my stats and ask for any tips.

    Age: 23
    5' 8''
    ~12% body fat

    Goals: Gain mass and get up to 200lbs

    I'm not looking to stack any Test or anything besides regular supplements alongside this HGH as I feel due to my age running anything stronger isn't a smart idea.

    Just looking for tips and any supplements you guys recommend for gaining mass. If there is any information you need from me to help you assist me please ask! Thanks.

    Current supplements:
    -2:1:1 BCAA's 5g x4/day
    -Glutamine 5g x3/day
    -5g Creatine x1/day pre-workout
    -1 Serving N.O. Pro pre-workout
    -Various fat supplements x3/day

    I workout 4-6 days per week.

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    Save your money on HGH. Wait a couple of years and run an AAS cycle.

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