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    Is this the real deal? Genotropin

    I bought this from a pharmacy in Thai, what's weird is that it is written in turkish. What i do know though, is that in turkey, its much easier to get real genotropin over the counter. I did not feel any sides, i used hygetropin before, i felt the bloating effect, but i am in a humide climate.
    Is there any database to verify your gen through serial number?

    I use 0.9mg of it each day, no sides what so ever.
    Ive seen a guy who owns a clinic in mexico that says that you are not supposed to experiance side effects like generic.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Is this the real deal? Genotropin-20180531_102839.jpg   Is this the real deal? Genotropin-20180601_210451.jpg   Is this the real deal? Genotropin-20180601_210548.jpg   Is this the real deal? Genotropin-20180601_210507.jpg  

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    I see no issue besides the label being poorly put on the pen itself. looks like it just may have gotten wet though. Looks the same as the pens I get from the pharmacy. I experience very little sides off them either besides when first starting. Tiredness, joint pain, headache. Went away within a month. Seeing the results of 5IU a day slightly already at 2 months in.

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    Download the Turkish pharmacy mobile app called ITs Mobile, scan your box and see what you come up with.

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    It's really tough to tell "real" HGH from copies. I had an opportunity to visit a UGL HGH lab in China. The owner told me that they could fake even the laser engraving fraud detectors. LOL

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