WTF lol.

So I usually take LR3 at 10mcg per day for 4 weeks and cycle off, as Palumbo suggests. I decided to try higher dosages this time around so I have opted to do 40mcg per day. This is 4x more than I usually take.

Needless to say, later that night after my IM injection, I got so hungry, I ate EVERYTHING in sight. yet I woke up 4lbs LIGHTER somehow, and I ate a TON of carbs. It makes no sense. Apperently LR3 is a GDA as well, so the carbs were shuttled into my stores instead of turned into fat. Of course calories matter but I don't think I went TOO far over maintenance actually.

I was going to continue cutting but I think it would be a waste doing so. I'm gonna bulk up this month; eat how I wish (mostly vertical diet based) and take advantage of this. I'm also running 300mg NPP and Test Prop 300mg.

I have been leaning out over LONG period of time, I no longer believe in doing tons of cardio or calorie restriction. I agree with Stan Efferding that we should INCREASE exertion to create a deficit rather than SHRINK down to lose fat. Training metabolism to become more efficient than putting it in and out of caloric restrictive, muscle wasting diet protocols.

In conclusion, I do not think LR3 should be used for cutting at all, as this hunger is literally insane lol.

Anyone else experience this?