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Thread: HGH to help TREAT existing, unrelated, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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    Question HGH to help TREAT existing, unrelated, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Can HGH be used to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

    I know that HGH can cause carpal tunnel symptoms, temporarily. I haven't tried HGH but its been 4+ months with Carpal Tunnel.

    I have read HGH is like the best studied, for healing injuries but should it not be used to treat Carpal Tunnel since a common side effect, 1 in 5 people, of HGH is Carpal Tunnel, and that is for regular doses i believe not high, doses used in treating injuries?

    Should I not do HGH therapy or use a relatively smaller dose to aid in healing of tissue or is that a waste for injury recovery, not worth the risk of making the Carpal Tunnel worse.

    I have heard tb 500 and MGF. I am curious about effectiveness and dosages/ side effects, experiences with these for educational purposes.

    Also I have also read Glutamine, Chondritin and MSM may help heal the tendonitis, sprain or strain causing the Carpal Tunnel. The doctor has not ordered a MRI, to get more info on what is exactly is wrong. I have had x-rays and a CTS test only. Diagnoses is mild CTS both both left and right, bilateral. I may get an MRI in a couple weeks, however, when i see my specialist again

    I have that other AAS such as Equipose, Deca , Anavar , and a relatively small amount of Testosterone may aid in injury recovery. I am curious if there are different dosages for Equi., Deca, and Anavar for injury recovery/ healing compared to regular bodybuilding cycles.

    To repeat my main question for people looking to heal CTS should they avoid HGH therapy to aid in injury recovery due to CTS being a common side effect?

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    Your right, Carpal tunnel is a side effect of HGH usage. Hence, I wouldn't do it, if it were me. Carpal tunnel is caused by the pressure of the tendons in the carpal tunnel compartment and muscles of the wrist/forearm causing pressure and pain. If otherwise healthy, it is a repetitive use injury that can be fixed by not using the hand in unnatural positions.
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    CTS is cause by inflammation in your wrist. The better treatment for CTS is a run of prednisone or a cortisone shot in the wrist. Both will reduce inflammation and give you relief from CTS.

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