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    Supa-Tropin HGH anyone tried it before?

    Hi guys. My source is now carrying the brand Supa-Tropin as his HGH. Iíve never heard of it before but he always has had totally legit and powerful stuff so I really have no reason to doubt this stuff. Just wanted to check and see if anyoneís heard of it or used it and what they think about it. Thanks!Supa-Tropin HGH anyone tried it before?-d0b5bfdd-92f3-4482-ad40-f4ccb6af80b8.jpeg

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    It's a chinese generic. If it's not fake then it's underdosed. It doesn't matter if a labs other gear is good that doesn't make their HGH fine. Tons of labs in Canada sell legit gear and fake/underdosed HGH (sometimes through no fault or intention of their own).

    I would have assumed your misstep with North Leaf and chinese generic the first time around that you posted about last month would have given you a lesson learned.
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