I am wondering if I can expect any benefits from HGH or GHRP-6 if my IGF-1 level is already above top range level and I didn't even start intermittent fasting (which I tried 2 years ago and will do it again). Here are my results:
IGF-1...........260 uG/l......(ref. 88-250)
IGFBP-3.......5,5 mg/L......(ref. 2,61-6)
Insulin .........3,5mE/L.......(ref 2-29)
4 years ago I had similar results. Blood sugar is fine. Not sure if insulin should be higher. I eat daily 250-300g carbs, but mainly from brown rice, potato and oats, no white bread or sugars.

I am thinking to take if for better recovery and for better immunity because I have some problems with health. I have been very tired all the time for last past years. Thyroid and adrenals results look fine, also t levels are normal, most probably the cause is compromised immune system caused by viral infection. Doctors can not help me so I am looking solution on my own.

Could be adding extra HGH or GHRP-6 if my igf-1 levels are already high dangerous, can I expect any extra benefits? I will also start with intermittent fasting again, last time I felt better during it. This will probably push insulin even lower and igf-1 even higher and I am really not sure if adding hgh or GHRP-6 makes any sense.

Tnx for any comment!