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    HGH, prolactin and preexisting gyno

    So I've been on 1.25mg letro ED and 40mg of nova ED since I was a fool and cycled over the recommended body fat levels.

    Letro demolished the gyno I did have and is still continuing to demolish it and I can only assume the nolvadex is helping.

    Haven't started my HGH yet due to how it can possibly increase prolactin levels. If I were to start will 300mg of P5P be substantial for 2ui a day? Want to get into 3ui to 4ui a day as I hear 4ui is when you can start to notice substantial differences but I'm in no way looking to get prolactin induced gyno. Don't mind starting with 2ui specially considering that's within the therapeutic doses prescribed and not over. Any suggestions?
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    you could continue on your current protocol , Add the HGH in. then get blood work and see where you stand about 6 weeks down the road (would definitely consider dropping the letro dosage way down some point soon though)
    if after that still worried about gyno, then simply stay on a low 10mg a day dose of the Nolva. way cheaper then messing with DA's like caber (when your not even messing with 19 nors)

    I have no idea what else your taking AAS wise or what your cruising on etc.. though . if your off cycle and post PCT and such, then get blood work and get all that straightened out first and foremost. HGH will still be there, and besides its not nearly as effective without AAS and or insulin being added in with it (unless your just looking to get the lipolytic benefits out of it)

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    I got my blood work back some weeks ago. Everything was fine except my free testosterone was lower then I would like. It was within range but where free is the more important I'll certainly be monitoring it.

    Im thinking of starting HGH today, I've been itching to do so. As far a free testosterone, wouldn't the HGH actually help in any potential recovery/show elevated levels? I am taking HGH for its fat loss benefits. But also for other reasons. I'm OK with 2ui a day to start. Plus getting bloods 6 weeks from start time is good anyway to monitor free test


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