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    Help! Did I just ruin our of my hgh vials. Easy answer

    Hey guys me again

    So this Sunday was going good. Chilled bac water mixed a vial perfectly and even let it chill for another 15 20 minutes before I used it.

    So when I went to go use it something happened. I injected the syringe into the vial just fine but for whatever the fuck the reason is the plunger mysteriously pulled back on its own without me noticing
    As I'm flipping the vial over I go to depress the plunger unbeknown to me that it has some air in it. The air quickly shoots into my brand new vial. Weather the needle was submerged in the fluid or it shot out blank air is unknown to me as it happened before I even knew what was going on.

    When I looked at the vial I could see I agitated the mixture some as that weird swirl effect happened with the hgh. I let it settle then pulled back. There was enough pressure that the syringe filled itself.

    Did I just destroy the mixed hgh? Please if anyone can let me know because I'm about ready to mix another vial and shoot all 10ui of this vial today. I freak out knowing if I mess up the gh because it's delicate.

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    Got another question. Mixing the second vial I forgot to wipe the top when I jabbed it with an empty needle to relieve the negative pressure. When mixing the second vial with the bac it was wiped and disinfected. Now shit is my second vial fucked too?

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    You're probably all right, but learn to slow down and think about what you're doing. If you are in a rush at the moment, put it up until you can take the 3-5 minutes to do things properly.

    If I recall correctly, you are the one that had the GH that had contamination in it? If so, I don't think you are going to hurt it no matter what you do to it.

    Edit,: You had cloudy GH and welts, not contamination. Still I doubt you hurt it any. Trickle the water down the side and it should reconstitute clear as water. All of my pharma GH does.
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