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    Is my hgh actually hcg

    I use 3.3iu of hgh daily on and off cycle. Im about 7 weeks past finishing pct from my cycle and i *thought* i was showing signs of recovery because sex drive is up, training is good, and my balls seem huge. However i noticed all of this right after starting a new kit of hgh. Its a brand ive never used called ageless labs.

    Is there any way to determine if this is hcg ? It seems to dissolve slower than hcg, but a little faster than my previous kits. Thoughts? About to toss this kit and try a diff brand but it sucks to waste it.

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    buy a pregnancy test kit .. squirt some of your constituted HGH (hcg ) on the pee stick and see if it comes out as a positive for pregnancy. if it does then its HCG

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    Great idea GH I would not have thought of that!!

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