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    Secretagogue stacking

    Im using sermorelin to help increase hgh production, been on it for 8 months. Am I correct in thinking its worthless to take another secretagogue that does the same thing, such as ipamorelin? Im currently not interested in doing any testosterone , im thinking of doing an anavar only cycle to supplement the sermorelin because its not doing enough for me and im already taking the max dose. Other than aas, what is good to stack with sermorelin for gains, I have a lot of atrophy from an injury and trying desperately to build muscle without going the test route. I understand that the anavar only will shut me down but im under the impression that 6 weeks on anavar wont be hard to recover from especially if I do a pct.

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    Mk677 is a great product to use. It helps pulse natty GH. Increases hunger too, and well quite frankly, helps you sleep (generally taken and night since it does have small dose of melotonin).

    I love Mk677 and use it even with my biggest cycles and I always wait until the gear has done it's job before throwing in Mk677 and I can tell it's doing it's thing.

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