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    ACE-031 Muscle regulator protein. anyone try it? AND MORE PEPTIDES (SELF HACKING)

    I'm writing this article because i just bought (12) 5mg vials of TB-500 and am reading about some peptides available. I've already used TB 500 and the results were better than expected. was wondering if i could find some folks with EXP on ACE-031.

    has anyone tried ACE-031?

    furthermore, i'm also looking for some opinions on these below. i'm mostly just curious, but am probably going to have a go at one of the bolded ones.

    AICAR (AICA ribonucleotide) this is interesting

    DSIP (delta sleep inducing peptide) i heard some negative things hear

    *EPITALON (?) This one seems unreal. there are at least (3) anti aging peptides in this list. i would ask who has seen the greatest effect from which. they peak my interest most of all.

    Follistaton (?) this one seems hyped.

    GDF-8 (?) Recombinant Myostatin:

    *PAL-GHK (?) another anti aging peptide:

    PEG MGF (?) muscle healing

    PT-141 (?) sexual dysfunction peptide.

    bremelanotide (?) sexual dysfunction peptide

    Selank (?) some sort of nootropic

    *Thymalin (?) anti aging peptide
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