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    Igf and other peptides sold on amazon?

    Hey guys,

    I live in canada and recently I see that they carry igf and other peptides on

    Jw if this is legit

    IGF-1 LR3 1mg

    I know sometimes they say in vitro use only, but I figure that's just for legal purposes

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    LOL....True story. In summer of 2016, I ordered peptides on Amazon and got a vial of something that clearly wasn't what I ordered, it was opaque. I spoke with the seller, a Chinese accent, and he was kinda like trying to punk me on the phone, like we were in a jail cell or something. I started cracking up and he hung up. I called Amazon and they refunded the order... LOL

    But, no, I wouldn't again. A seller on Amazon could come and go in the middle of the night. Rep wouldn't matter at all to them.

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    Read the fine print, it's never what you think it is. Amazon wont sell real peptides. I dont even think their TB-500 is legit.

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    If you head over to cjm forums (they suck compared to here) their sponsor is based out of Vancouver and has legit peptides and sarms /supplements

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