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Thread: Contestable Thread - GH is NOT just GH - Developed products for different objectives

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    Contestable Thread - GH is NOT just GH - Developed products for different objectives

    I have put in many years of many different compounds consistently. GH has always been a staple for me, everything to various generics and eventually at a certain point going to full time Pharm grade across the board.

    Over the years I have found that UGL generics are just trash and you have to run such high dosages to get the effect at the fraction of the amount of pharm grade GH. Sure there are small periods of time where a generic could shine where they have from companies overseas, names not to be said and eventually became faked.

    The one thing I have found and what this thread is mainly about is Serostim and Norditropin. I have ran both numerous times. Each product was developed for different reasons. Serostim was created for AIDS patients to keep weight and muscle on. Norditropin developed for growth of children.

    I have found from how my body has responded that Norditropin is leaps and bounds better when it comes to fat loss and itís shredding capabilities.

    Serostim on the other hand I have found will bloat and hold more water in comparison.

    Granted everything I have taken have been legit pharm grade product. Overall I disagree that gh is gh but the way and why products are developed will change the overall affect to someoneís body. I have other people that have given similar feedback, but itís something I have personally found over the years but wanted to post about.
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    Never noticed an iota of difference between Serostim, Saizen, Omnitrope, Norditropin, or Humatrope. They are all somatropin.

    Edit: I do prefer Serostim simply because I prefer to reconstitute my GH. Omnitrope and Saizen come in premixed cartridges
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