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    Looking for the best combination

    This may have been posted before, i tried reading posts before i posted.

    I would like to try HGH and i have some coming at the moment. i wanted to get an idea of how its mixed, injected and stored. Also, i wanted to know about the common combination:

    *IGF and what else, if i were looking to add mass while loosing weight?
    *Can i inject at the same time as taking HGH?
    *Is the injection into the muscle or the fatty skin?

    I'm not a fat guy. I was in M&F magazine a couple of years ago and im a little curious what i would look like shredded. I just dont want to loose muscle doing it. So if their is a good combination, that adds mass while shredding, please give me your views.

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    Govaga, I didn't mean post in this section I meant you could find the answers to your question in this sections. Check the guide to hgh.

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