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    Mixing blank green tops, how much?

    I have five green tops left without labels so i dont know what ive really got. I was told to put 2.5cc's into the vial and inject to the 10 line on my u100. Doing that i get a month outta one bottle about 20 to 25 injections. Please help me am I doing this wrong? And whats the right amout to put into the vile and then inject if I want to do 3 or 4 iu's a day. I have five bottles left and can get more, i was wanting to do it for six months.

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    Usually the vials have 8-10 ius per bottle which means you cant possibly have enough for even 2 weeks.

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    If your vials are 10 iu's, the 10 line is less than 1/2 iu when you add 2.5cc's.

    There's no way of knowing unless you find out how much is in each vial.

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    green tops are 8I.U

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