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    knee pain on outside of knee

    I hurt my knee doing squats 2 weeks ago, not a lot of pain and no swelling but I could tell something was not right. It was my last set and last rep so showered, went home and knee was hurting a little but not real bad. Here are symptoms: tender to touch on outside of knee just below thigh/shin bone joint. painful to try to squat, no pain walking or straigtening leg but it does tighten up when sitting for too long. no obvious swelling. Have tried ice and ibuprofen for 2 weeks and it is not better, not worse but not better. No squats for 2 weeks but tried today and 135 lbs was too painful so stopped.
    Any ideas, insurance is lousy but i can go to Dr. if I have to, keep hoping it will get better.

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    I would go get a massage from a RMT and see what they say.They do great deep tissue massages.Best of luck!

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