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    Knee Problem That I Need Help With...

    Well Basically, it started two years ago when I used to do kickboxing. After one of the sessions, I thought I had rotated or did something wrong to my knee (memory isn't too good). I remember the next following days my knee to be sore, but enough so that I could walk on it. Now the soreness went away eventually, but it always felt, "different" walking on it. It was only one knee, my right, but it felt odd walking on it. I basically ignored it for at least a year, and now two years later it's still happening. I went to the doctor twice, hoping that he'd know what was wrong. Twice I went, he said I don't feel anything wrong. I got x-rays, and they came back alright. Now when I walk, I notice my right foot sticks out a little more then my left (my feet have always stuck out more, but not ridiculously). I also notice that if I sit down, press the balls of my feet into the ground, and keep pressing harder, my right knee begins to ache a lot more then my left would. Also... At night, I notice that when laying down sometimes, when I try to bring my right knee up I feel a dull pain in my upper back hip (near the spine I believe). This doesn't always happen, but it is frequent. The only things I can think of are... Maybe my right leg is a little longer or shorter then my left, making it handle more stress. Perhaps instead of hurting my knee I hurt my foot and it's rotated a certain way now (Never took x-rays of feet). And last, maybe I tore a muscle or tendon in my knee that can't been seen by x-ray and healed wrong or never healed at all. Any suggestions or help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    Take Glucosamine Sulfate 1000mg gelcaps. You can buy a huge bottle at Walmart or any pharmacy. Take one a day and you'll notice less aches in your knee within 2 weeks. Dont stop taking it..EVER! Its lubricant for your knees. Note: When taking gel caps, take it apart or loosen the caps so it will break open when you drink water.

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