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    Dammit! I just got back from the doctor and I've got an infection in my L shoulder, so they gave me some cephalexin (antibiotic) to take for the next 10 days. I shot 2cc in the shoulder last thurs. which is way to much for a delt shot. I thought by heating the oil and massaging it immediatly after I could get away with it, obveously not. The up side is that I can still go on w/ my cycle, which I have already gained 12lbs and tomorrow starts only the 6th week. Anyway I'm sure that I've read not to go over 1cc in the delt so don't light me up to badly

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    take massive amounts of vita C. its incredibly anti bacterial. they have been giving liquid Cto heroin addicts to soak there syringes in and they dont abcess
    youll need immodiom and gas-x to handle 30-80mg of vita c.u get shits big time. but id rather shit and have gas than abscess

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