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    L-Tyrosine for tanning?

    Been doing some reading up on L-Tyrosine, quite a few sites recommened it in 500mg form 2x a day since the body cant hold 1000mg serving.
    So 1 500mg serving in morn,
    1 500mg serving at night.
    I searched the fourms here and found nothing on this.
    Taken before bed, it may result in insomnia.

    p.s. a note to tan0h0lic, if you get the Tyrosine at GNC get the 500mg, not the 1000mg; it's better to take two 500's a day (morning and evening) than one 1000mg a day. The reason for this is that Tyrosine does not store very well in the body, and it's better to provide a continuous supply of the amino-acid throughout the tanning period than a single, large dose which your body will not keep for when its needed. [ This Message was edited by: PJ on 2004-02-11 16:05
    Anyone try this or hear of this?
    Im gonna give it a shot next tanning session to see if there is any difference.
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