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Thread: Pulled muscle?

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    Pulled muscle?

    ive been out of the game for about 3-4 months and finally got back in the gym this past thursday. did chest and back and a little of everything. right now, sunday night my left pec muscle is noticeably more sore than my right and the left is also bigger and sticks out further than the right. ive always noticed it being a little bigger than the right but not this much. its not fatty like gyno (havent juiced in over 2 years anyway). its almost like its inflammed and/or swollen. what im wondering is have any of you had a similar thing happen? i understand right after a workout one will usually feel pumped up and a bit "swole" but i cant see that being the case here as it is 3 days later. anyway any input is appreciated! thanks

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    Unless you cant move it or open a door w/o pain, then give it rest. In your case, some NSAids like ibuprofen may take out the inflamation in no time.

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