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    Upset stomach !!

    Hi guys the thing is i've got really bad acne from my last cycle all over my shoulders and my back, i've tried everything and went to see my dr and he prescribed oxytetracyclin 500mg pills, he said take 2 pills twice a day. So i took 4 as prescribes yesterday and also took milk thistle as i've read oxytetracyclin can be toxic on the liver, but the thing is late last night i got really bad diarrhea and have also got it this morning, now i'm wondering if its the oxytetracyclin or the milk thistle that has caused this ?? have any of you guys who have used oxytetracyclin or milk thistle ever developed bad diarrea.

    I think it could be the milk thistle as i have read it makes the liver excrete toxic crap out of it, then your body excretes it through diarrea, but side effects of the oxytetracyclin can also be diarrea and at 2000mg per day seems like my dosage could be too high, i just cant afford to S**T all my hard earned gains away lol.
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