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Thread: a few questions

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    a few questions

    so growing up my mom never taught me much about i guess cleaning my face just soap, my dad was a coward and never was around. but now im getting old and wanna keep my face clean and smooth ect.

    can someone recommend what i need i know soap is bad

    my gurl has a face exfoliator ive used and that works pretty well and keeping my face smooth and kinda reduced black heads

    i dont have acne or anything i just wanna take better care of my skin

    like should i put lotion on after the shower ect. what about body exfoliators ect.

    sorry alot of questions

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    I get small pimples occasionally. Dead Sea Mud kicks ass for getting rid of stuff and doesn't dry you out to much. Unlike the harsher chemicals that can make your skin red or peel.

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    just get some facewash that shoiuld do the trick...

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