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    Horrible back and leg pain

    So last sunday I was in the gym training Shoulds and Traps,
    I had just fisnished my shoulder workout and moved on to my trabs
    and on my second exercise (behind the back barbel rows) didn't have much weight on there only about 235lbs, did one set of eight, start to do my seond set and on my fourth rep I got a sharp pain in my lower back that had brought me to my knees. The pain was so great that I had to stay in one spot for about 3 minutes. I left the gym after that had happened because there was no way I could continue my workout. I was wearing a weight belt and I thought I had proper form I do this exercise all the time with no problems and twice the amount of weight that I used this time.
    But I went home and the pain was just in my lower back for the first day.
    Then monday rolls around my entire leg goes numb when I walk on it feels like all the blood is being drained out from it, but I put up with it for about 3 more days at my work, untill thursday when it comes unbearable and I couldnt even take three steps without paying in serious pain from my leg. So I went to the doctors and got X-rays and he prescriped me 3 diff meds, and told me that it is probably a pinched or damaged nerve and told me to see an orthapedist. I don't have health insurance so I don't really want to dish out alot of money if this is something that will heal in time.
    So my question is have any of you had an injury like this?
    and if so how long did it take to heal?
    I asked my doctor if it was just a damaged nerve how long would it take to heal and he said anywhere between 4 weeks to 6 months.
    he said also that the nerve could be lodged between my disk and is still being I may have to go to the orthapedist.
    But I'd like to get some of your guys input on this. thanks

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    That really really sucks and i really hope that you dont have anything serious.

    Back in 2001 i was squatting and my pelvic just got out of alignment. After almost 7 years i am getting better now, anyways this is not about me but your issue.

    I would get an MRI to really see what is going on, might be a hernia or something else, that cant be seen on an x ray.

    I got an MRI this year and they found 2 discopathy L4L5 and L5S1.

    Then you will know where to go.

    I know its hard to stop training and even worst stop lifting heavy but at some point in our lives we must realize that we are not invincible and our bodies do have limits.

    235 pounds is pertty heavy imagine the pressure on your disks and spin, i was wearing a belt and some knee bands when i injured myself squatting 505 pounds.

    Best of luck to you and i really hope its nothing serious.

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    I was wondering how you back turned out? It sounds like you pinch the sciatic nerve. I have only found one cure. Prednisone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovbyts View Post
    I was wondering how you back turned out? It sounds like you pinch the sciatic nerve. I have only found one cure. Prednisone.

    chiropractic. you have to fix the problem. a corticosteroid will reduce inflammation but if there is an alignment issue it will never go away without proper attention.

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