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    Question surgery

    for a torn labrum how long does recovery take till you can start lifting normally again? anyone been through it and tell me what ill be looking at after i go through with it?

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    The surgeon should put you on a physical therapy program, i am sure right after surgery you shouldnt lift or more anything for a few weeks, and even when you start it will have to be no weights just physical therapy movements and then very very slowly move your way up, i know it sucks to have this type of injury because not being able to train is depressing for everyone who likes to,

    But man i have had my share of sucky injuries and beleive me i have learned to just work aorund them until they are ready to go again, one time i seperated my rib and i really couldnt do any chest exercises or even any heavy exercises it was too painful and put it out of place again, so i just could do stationay bike!!! and i hated cardio i was one of those who only lift!! but man from the bike after two weeks i moved to the elliptical and after two weeks the treadmill and that kept me from getting flabby because i couldnt do abs either, the added cardio really changed alot of things for me i thought not lifting was bad and depressing but i am glad that inury made me discover the hidden world of cardio which is now the foundation to my training and health also.

    When something is down for a while, just try to strengthen everything you can use, with your injury man you will probably be out of upper body for weeks, so just work on your cardio and do legs, you can still do legs and claves and several exercises until you are redy to get back again.

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    i had both shoulders done, labrums. one 3 mos after the other. depending on if the bicep is involved, biceps movements with a few pounds will begin after a month a belive. if the bicep(bicep conects into the labrum) is involved then no bicep stuff for six weeks. after 6 weeks tho they start u on light weights. before that its all passive manipulation and range of motion exercises for the most part. Sometimes they start u in thereapy right away, sometimes they hold u for a week, depending on the surgeon. Ur gonna look like shit. Do legs extensions, leg curls, and cardio. And leg press in a pin loaded machine if ya have one.
    After 4 months after surgery u can start lifting normally in the gym. But, u are not gonna be able to do all ur excerises nor ur previous weights. Ur gonna be week as hell. When u start back do ur upper body 3 times a week. U can do that since ur "starting over again" essentially. U will regain faster tho since u had it before. But work ur upper body every other day. thats ok since ur weak u will recover from that frequency fine since the stresses of each workout arent much, and u will prgress faster than just doing each upper body part once a week.
    Good luck. ull be fine. this isnt the end of the world. its not the kind of surgery that fvcks ya afterward. its helpful and will improve your lifting and ur life. remember i did it twice. if u have any questions about "sensations" or "pain" whatever along ur journy PM me.
    oh i also ran deca 200mg/wk, eq 200mg wk, and test 100mgwk for 10weeks, after my second one lol so i mighta healed slightly quicker but maybe not. my doc said 4 months and it took about 4 months so i dunno. i think my deca was really test anyway. i talked to lots guys whove had this done to, theyre fine and did it drug free and theur fine. ok, ur good to go, good luck

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    it will be 12 weeks before it is healed, and 14-16 weeks before you are in the gym, alot of it will depend on the type of tear, your age, health, etc. i just had my done in feb, it sucks man, but be patient. very important to DO YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPY, with the therapist and at home. im 20 weeks out now and am making really good progress at the gym. before i hurt it i could bench 225 15 times, once i got back to the gym at week 14 i couldnt lift the bar for more than 6, but i just did 185 for 6 the other day. just be patient, when you come back stay light, don't hurt yourself or inflame the shoulder. this is all fresh to me since i am still going through it, any other questions just ask.

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