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    Melanotan 2 question for female users

    I have used Melanotan and have got great results from it, now my girlfriend wants to use it.

    We have a 1 year old daughter but she is still breatfeeding her, only one feed at night.

    Seen as this is a natural hormone in the body do you think she would be ok using it while still breast feeding.

    Also what will libido be like for females


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    This sounds like a horrible idea to me. I don't think that anyone has any proof that it is safe for someone breast feeding, let alone safe at all. Natural doesn't equal safe.

    I am all for taking new unknown non-FDA drugs, but why would anyone involve a child, I would stop breast feeding.

    Women, according to one set of results, feel 'genital warmth, tingling and throbbing', not to mention 'a strong desire to have sex'.

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