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    acne problems...??

    hi guys, first all let me say , the advice that i get from this board is just excellent, helps me out alots, thanks again!!
    Im planning on taking a cutting cycle soon, consisting of Fina/Winny/Prop closer to summer, I've done 3 cycle previously, the thing that bothers me the most is that I ALWAYS break out with acne anytime I'm on juice, is there any sure fire way of preventing the breakouts, usually on my back and upper arms, it just looks horrible!! I wanna get cut but also be able to show off my cuts, if theres a shit load of acne everywhere, it looks really disgusting, how do most of you bros deal with it... any help is most appreciated!!

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    Ahh the many downsides of using AS ... Sucks bro, but most of us have been or are in the same boat as urself ... The only thing I can suggest is to get a good antibacterial body wash and facial bar ... I actually use Neutrogena oily skin formula soap, and this product alone has dramatically improved my complection ... If you can some accutane from a dermatologist or source that would be even better ... Hope this helps bro

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