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    Anyone have back pain from squats below parallel?

    I've changed the way I do squats for the past 4-5 years now that I pretty much go all the way down to where my hams touch my calves. When I first started it put a strain on my lower back that I would only go below parallel every other leg workout to a point that I dont really have a problem. Now I've been doing it this way for quite some time now because I feel it gives me a better workout.

    A few days ago I was doing front squats and on my 3rd set I noticed that there was a little strain on my lower back. I rested a bit and the tightness seemed to pretty much go away so I went in for my 4th set and thats where it really hurt and I felt a strain to a point that I had to stop on my second rep. I even tried to not go below parallel and it just killed me. I normally dont go heavy doing front squats I just try and get reps in.

    Since then I can barely move or get up and I even took some pain killers that doesnt seem to help and even some naproxen. I dont have health insurance and I've had plenty injuries before not back related and I've always healed through them but this is the first back injury.

    Anyone else ever have a similar injury or have pain from doing squats below parallel? Im gonna rest for a few days to a week and see if it gets better which I hope it does if not then I guess I'll go in and see if I can cough up an mri. Im just hoping its not disc issues or a pinched nerve because I've never had this pain before it normally gets better as the days go by.

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    Definitely see a physician and take it easy in the gym. The pain could have been from anything. Too many variables to try and guesstimate. Keep us posted and GL.

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