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    Distal Bicep Tendon Surgery

    Hello people,
    So I had this surgery about 3 months ago. My bicep bothered me when I would try and lift anything heavier then 25 pounds. The pain bothered me for about 3 years. So finally my doctor said we need to try surgery or live with it, so of course I did the surgery. After the surgery I found out they did some major damage to my radial nerve and was not able to move my fingers for two months. I just finaly am able to move my fingers but my thumb still does not move.

    MY QUESTION: I want to start strenghthening my bicep and I was using 5 pound dumb bells for strenghthening but noticede a bit of pain. I don't want to over do it. Any thoughts on how long I should wait, or is it case by case and just do it if ther eis no pain. I am very anxious to start trainning again, but am 30 years old and have become wise. I would rather fix the problem now and live with less pain, then to jump into things and make a bigger problem in the future.
    Hopeefully this makes sense and would appreciate any thoughts. I feel more comfortable getting my advice from this forum then any doctor since they all seem to say different things and I am not sure wher they come up with the info.

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    First I would document everything you can. Start keeping a journal of EVERYTHING. Everything you can remember that happened, what was said. Now keep track of how you feel every day, what you CANT do because of what was damaged.

    Now go find another doctor to document your problem and it's associated with your last surgery. You never know what you might need.

    Now find a good physical therapist to start your recovery properly after you are re examined by your doctor and what he recommends.

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    Oh yeah and dont forget to get a good attorney.....i can't believe they damaged you like that.....never mind......yes I can....

    Practicing medicine.....that is what they are doing....

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    malpractice ? probably not, before your surgery I'm sure you were advised of the risk. nerve damage is one of the most common risks of surgery. nerves can take a little over a year to regenerate so you may still get the use of your thumb back. you should go and see a good neurologist

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