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    Depigmentation of skin

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to correct this issue. I don't tan however it is within one area that has been growing over the past few years in size(white color). If anyone else has had these issues and were able to get them fixed please chime in

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    Sounds like Vitiligo -- which is a relatively common autoimmune condition. Corticosteroid shots might help, but they might not. There are other, more experimental, methods of treatment... But nothing truly proven yet. See a dermatologist.
    I would add that if you've had this problem for a few years, and the spot is only growing slowly in size, you have a VERY mild case. (Some people lose ALL their pigmentation very, very quickly.)

    If your skin is naturally dark, and if the white spots are small and circular, you might have Tinea Versicolor. It's a common (prevalent in 2-3% of the population) skin fungus that causes de-pigmentation. Using Selsun shampoo as a topical lotion kills it and returns your skin to its normal color.

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