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    Ultra Sound Scan shows no problems in shoulder?????

    I though what I had in my shoulder was impingement which I have all the symptons of which I had for the last 3 years on and off, I can push heavy bench press weights with little pain but sometimes it can just inflame just by leaning, pushing down on something or press ups can make it worse.
    After waiting for ever, I went for an ultra sound scan with the nhs andthe doctor who was doing the scan said he can't see anything wrong with my shoulder and that my tendons seem to be gliding through easily and there is no damage or tears? what the???

    :Important information:
    The pain is in the side of my shoulder in the middle when i press against it when it inflames with my fingers it feels like thats whare the pain is, I also should add that in my elbow on that arm it really hurts just under my tricep on THAT part of the elbow when I do kick backs, Really hurts. and after pulling a muscle in my back last week which got better after a week, simultaneously my einner elbow and shoulder pain on that arm inflamed and it hashappened before where both elbow and shoulder has inflamed at the same time in the past. My forearm grows on that arm and my tricep and bicep on that arm doesnt seem to be getting much bigger at all as I cant put any weight onto it as the foearm always takes over.

    it has gotten slightly better in response to anti inflamitrys within the last 6 months when ever it arises. I can just take the mand the inflamation goes down and I can go back into the gym again. any pain in my elbow is only in the gym and doesn't usually hurt after and the same goes for my shoulder.
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    Ultra sound is very limited. You need MRI with dye. Mine shows a slight tearing of the rotator cuff. I opted for NO surgery and have been doing
    They help a LOT.

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    I will be making a visit to the doc in a couple of weeks to have him check out my rotator cuff. I read a study that indicated that 45% of the people who opted for no surgery were satisfied with their strength/range of motion/pain, whereas 95% of those who opted to have surgery were satisfied with the same. Great for you to be in the 45% group. After reading about that stat, I am prepared to have surgery if that is the course of action recommended by the doc.

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    get the mri. only with that detail imaging can you fairly assess your options. surgery is always an option but may not be the best. sometimes (as in my case), it's just not bad enough to justify. I have labrum issues and bone spurs in both but possibility of a positive outcome wasn't high enough for me. And still I endure...

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