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    need help!!!! stretch marks!

    hey everybody, i was wondering what can blend in stretch marks with the color of your skin so they dont stand out as bad, i see body builders on TV and they dont got them, is there anything i can buy to helpe this problem, anything will help, thanks a lot, i dont wanna get rid of them just make them less noticable but if i can get rid of them help me out! thanks a lot

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    Take vitamin E a cream at atleast 32000ius and apply that every morning and every night - take vit E orally for the internal make up of the skin - if neither work you can use a product called mederma (topical) that may help you - also cortizone will 'bleach' the skin to make it less noticeable and there is another option which is silicon patches to apply 24hrs a day to the site to make them blend with the skin - try these out - take zinc as well.

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    For all of those concerned with stretch marks as well - dont know bout yall but I get them all the time

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    I heard that retina helps with stretch marks sorry for the spelling. YOu need to go to dermatologist for it though

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