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    Neck and back pain from Motorcycle wreck, Help

    I have cycled only once when I was younger. Looking to break down the plateaus and advance further. Feel free to share what is the best way to get started. I just had a bad motorcycle wreck and want to speed my recovery along. Dislocated leg, broken scapula, impact bruising in muscles and tendons, Compressed disc between C5-C6 and C6-C7, fractured C6,C7. Fractures all healing well and muscle bruising has healed, Tendons are lagging in healing. Ache all over. It has been 6 weeks and Dr. says I am ready to start weight training and range of motion work. Should I use something to help recovery? Any tips on types of exercises or pain management Advice is appreciated. Thanks

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    Wow, you are so lucky you lived through that.

    I had a bad car reck and umong my injuries, I shattered my heel (calcaneus into 3 pieces). I just had my second surgery in feb and had my foot fused.

    Ive been going to a pain clinic, they suggested the use of tends units/electodes, acupuncture (sp), message ... which they dont do there... why I have no idea but whatever.

    For the pain, you could also go to a chiropractor. They can do some amazing things from past experience. Youd want one that actually treats you, not just realines you. They are two totally different animals. Your personal insurance should pay for some sessions, as Im sure youve already used up the bike insurance. Depending on your insurance, you may get a Rx from your dr for treatment which he would be happy to write.

    I have very bad nerve damage and there are several medications available. I cant take them because I have bad sides... so I load heavy on vitamin B for nerve repair. And to help repair and strenghten the bones - heavy calcuim and magnesium.

    After your workouts, elevate and ice.

    Type of traing, I suggest you got to P/T a few times so they can guide you in the right direction. The last thing you want to do is aggitate someting by pushing too much too soon and then have a setback or new injury.

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