Bah, I have recently been plagued with aliments and was curious what the newest one may be. I have some "tennis elbow" pain so I have been getting treatment for it and was taking it easy in the gym due to it...About 3 weeks ago I woke up and had some shoulder pain but thought I just slept on it wrong, then I was working my back later that day and going fairly light and felt some pain when doing seated rows. It is weird because I didn't notice anything the day before when I worked out? Now I feel pain at the end of a row motion where your elbow is at your side at the outer top of my shoulder. It also seems to hurt just flexing at the top of a raise. I have setup a diagnosis at the same clinic where I have my elbow treated but was curious if it is rotator related? My range of motion is fine and the pain isn't real bad, is this going to be a show stopper in your opinion? As in, could this be a potential tear in the making and I should stop all shoulder motions or just go light for a couple of months....any feedback would be appreciated, Thanks