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    Avoiding stretch marks.

    Hi all. When I last trained seriously I gained a total of around 4 stone in weight. Not all muscle but not too much fat.
    The downside was that just under the top front of my arms I was seemingly ripping out of my skin. I got quite bad stretch marks, that are still visible today (from over 10 yrs ago).
    Is there a way of lessening the chances of getting more, or making the ones I have worse? People are amazed when I show them, and usually reply with 'why did you do that to yourself'
    I was originally very skinny, weighing just over 11 stone at 6'1. My max weight when training went to 15 stone 2lb.

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    They make cream marketed for women try them. Stretch marks are somewhat genetic i believe. I put on about 20 lbs of muscle ( alitttle fat ) in about a month and got no stretch marks. Have buddies that get them constantly the marks just keep stretching. Some people think of them a badges of honor.

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    no creams can get rid of them, im covered in them as well its horrible

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    Can you name a band that went further ?

    Just curious..The Beatles are well known for their influence in rock music, but can you name a band that ventured further from their original genre than The Fab Four did with this tune ?
    For best answer, include something that demonstrates their normal work.

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    My pec delt tie in region is riddled with stretch marks

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