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    Question Strange tight shoulder/ different development of shoulders/ scoliosis (pics included)

    I'm having a problem with my left shoulder/ left side of my back, it is developing differently from my right shoulder, which is becoming more profound as I've started to work out more in time for the summer. The main problem is a tight, tight shoulder, probably the trapezius, sometimes even getting a burning feeling in the area that i can't pinpoint, it's a bit like as if there's a string attached from my neck to the end of my collarbone that's constantly bothering me. I've also been told that my left shoulder is also lower.
    extra info:
    I don't get any pain when working out.
    I have large pecs, even though i can't bench that much.( Probably sitting at a desk too much)
    When doing pull ups my body naturally starts to twist towards my right side

    pics. a bit too much photoshop, (i couldn't crop them for some reason)(I think they are all inverse as i took the pics in the mirror)
    Pics: collarbone of my strange left shoulder
    collarbone of my right shoulder:
    image from in front:

    pic of the left side of my back:
    another pic of my left side:

    Compare those with my right side:

    More of my tight left shoulder:
    My normal right shoulder:

    .Image of my whole back as you can see my right side is bigger while my left side tighter ans smaller, yet i have the same strength in both)

    My left shoulder from a different angle:
    Compared to my right shoulder:

    Any suggestions of what the problem can be?
    Or advice of any websites that can possibly offer my help?

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    I had an injury in my right shoulder and it has been rehabilited(thanks God).But i have a knot in my back(next to the scapula) and my injured shoulder doesnt have that mobility that the other has. When I work out sometimes I feel that the excercise oppress my shoulder from another angle(sorry for the language obstacles!). I guess it is because my shoulder want to spare my injured part and transmit the laden weight to other parts of my shoulder. So my right side has different structure and it is smaller at all.
    But maybe you should go to the doctor!
    DK if it helps you.....

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